Upselling services and products

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Upselling services and products

Postby jrairduct » Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:56 pm

What do you do to upsell your customers on additional services or products without coming off too salesman-ish? I know there are plenty of opportunities to generate more income in my customers homes, I just don't like to be too pushy to have some one spend more money. If I ever notice something while working in the house that fits into my business' skill set, I always make mention of it and let them know that we can take care of it for them. I would love to sell more UV lights and LintAlert because of the ease of installation and the high profit margin, but don't want to come off as being pushy while selling them.
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Re: Upselling services and products

Postby John Bently » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:13 pm

I agree about "pushing" for sales of additional products and services. We have specific products that work very well. When you combine good products with educating the customer you will probably find they will ask you for more assistance.

One example is glass cleaner. We service fireplaces and wood stoves. One thing we run into all the time is dirty glass doors. Not just regular dirt but glazed creosote that just does not want to come off easily with regular cleaners. Many people will use oven cleaner or razor blades to glub the glass. This can cause many problems and make the situation worse. We have a glass cleaner that works great on fireplace and wood stove glass doors. It is truly amazing how well it works. The creosote runs off the door and makes it easy to clean. We talk to our customer about cleaning the glass and things you don't want to do. Then we show them how well the glass cleaner we have works. They love it and buy a bottle. Not only have we solved a problem but it gives our business credibility.

This has many effects for our business.
It allows us to educate our customer and help them have a better wood burning experience.
It establishes our expertise in our field and gives our customer confidence that they have made a good choice choosing our service company.
It increases the likelihood that they will remember us and ask us to return in the future.
And last but not least it adds to our bottom line by increasing sales.

I sell items I believe in and use. If the chimney needs a cap that is just a matter of pointing out why and the fact that you have the solution in your service vehicle. When you are in the laundry room and you see the washing machine hoses are old and may fail you can explain that to your customer and provide the solution, stainless steel hoses for a reasonable price. We also tell people they should check with their insurance company because there may be a discount for changing to good hoses.Washing machine hose failure is a major cause of flooding in homes. Dryer vent re-routes and other services are usually well received when they see you know your business and have the solutions to their problems.

Another service we offer is cleaning out the coils under refrigerators. With our 8" vacuum hose and compressed air it makes the job easy. All you have to do is show them the dirt in the coils and that shows the need.

If someone asks if you can do something give it a try. If it works well add it to your lists of services offered. There are many instances where you can point something out to your customer and they will make the sale.

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